On this era, all of us have got all the information and knowledge required to ensure that our bodies have the right conditions to stay vibrant, or at a minimum considerably longer than people usually think. I believe the human mind begins to think once we hit our 40’s and 50’s, the body will automatically start to deteriorate and fall apart. I strongly believe it is a myth, now we have the ability to remain healthy and energetic for many years and a long time after age 50.

We should simply decide to take control of our health by means of nutrition and other related life-style decisions.


I’ve always been captivated by the science of eating as well as the science of well being. It’s not my goal replace the place of the medical professionals or researchers, but to be a facilitator of knowledge regarding the topics of nutrition and health. I view myself personally as somebody who is blessed in enjoying researching these kind of subjects and possessing the capability to make practical sense decisions regardless of unclear data about topics associated with nutrition and health. I’ve been lucky to have fantastic health condition all of my life, experiencing sustained nothing but a good number of common colds. In my opinion age is irrelevant, I’m sure I can maintain youthful vigor looking through taking a working part with what I’m inserting into my body.

Needless to say, this factor regarding wellness is simply not all about nutrition. We should also expand our mind, our mood, and our intuition for ideal overall health. Put simply, we need to “know” ourselves. How can you do this? I have no idea, however I’m ready to aid you drill down in and get moving. I will teach you by my website, everything I’ve reviewed and discovered, and also discuss the stuff that I’ve used for me personally which have both worked and failed. One close friend which I was in a position to get in these things is today teaching me new stuff, and we’re now gaining knowledge from one another. I believe you need to simply choose to begin produce a superior you, and the world will bring the folks and knowledge that you’ll require to your route.

If I can only point out 1 sincere and enthusiastic phrase, I simply can’t stand to hear and see about people suffering or dying from illnesses which I definitely feel deep-down can be simply prevented with a bit of extra awareness.

The truly amazing martial art and philosopher Bruce Lee once stated to trainees that “I could simply aid you discover yourself”. Hopefully my blog could achieve the same principal.

Furthermore, a well-known poet Wally Whitman includes a line inside a poem in reference to the concept of our function in this life: “In which the strong show must go on, and you’ll play a role in it.” This blog Blog is “My Role”.

Best of health, joy, and prosperous living,

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Julie Karabenick


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