Adam Folker System Vert Shock Review: Q&A With The Creator!



Adam Folker System Vert Shock Review: Q&A With The Creator!

If you ever played basketball you’ll know that developing a high vertical jump is an extremely difficult task. Many people who try to increase their vertical leap are constantly failing. Why? Why is it that vertical jumping is so hard to achieve? We have decided to address this question to trainer Adam Folker, a jumping guru and owner of Vert Shock – a new vertical leap training system that is making a lot of noise and getting a lot of attention lately.

If you’re still trying to catch up then Adam Folker is a vertical jump expert and a basketball player who created the Folker System Vert Shock, a program for people who need to increase their vertical beyond 30-35 inches. You can watch this review of the Folker System Vert Shock which is very thorough and encompasses all the features the program has.

Without further ado let’s jump straight to the interview.

Vert Shock Q&A


Adam Folker – The creator of the FolkerSystem

Q: Adam, why is it that so many people fail to increase their vertical?

A: Well, the most prominent reason that people don’t succeed is a lack of knowledge and correct principles. Most people, when training their vertical jump, are training the wrong type of muscle fibers.

Let’s say you were training for running the 100 meter dash, would you train by running a mile? No, because that’s not your goal. The same way a sprinter would not train his sprints by running a marathon, it’s just not what we’re trying to achieve. Any time you’re doing many repetitions with low intensity your actually training your endurance, and many programs out there are preaching for doing hundreds and sometimes thousands of repetitions in one workout.

Q: So doing high reps exercises is not beneficial. So how should we workout then?

A: Whenever we’re training for vertical leap there is one thing we need to engage, and that is intensity. When we jump we want try and maximize the explosion in our legs. With each session, each workout, our goal is to accustom the fast twitching muscles in our legs to fire up more quickly. Overtime, this process will gradually get more efficient and your muscles will become more agile, thus you’ll be jumping a little higher every time.

Q: What exercises would you recommend specifically for jumping high?

A: A good exercise for jumping would be squatting. Squat is a great exercise because it simulates the movement of the legs when jumping. It enhances the muscles ability to explode by strengthening the entire lower body as well as the core muscles. Most people neglect their core muscles but they forget that the power of the legs, or any other part in our body, comes first of all from our core, and if we don’t maintain it we’re essentially limiting our capacity.


Q: Finally, what would you advise for young athletes who seek to dunk?

A: From my perspective, vertical jumping is not just a 1 factor thing, although you can get nice results from utilizing the things mentioned here. Nevertheless, I would advise any athlete, be it basketball player or a volleyball player, to adopt themselves a training routine that encompasses all the aspects of jumping. From my experience when that happens, miraculous things happen as well.

Many thanks to Adam Folker for this interview. For more information on Adam Folker and his Vert Shock program head over to his website or to Basketball Workout Tips.

Alternatively you can watch this video as well. It illustrates the Vert Shock system features quite thoroughly:

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