The Amazing Yacon Syrup For Almost Immediate Weight Loss



The Amazing Yacon Syrup For Almost Immediate Weight Loss

Overweight people have been looking for a natural weight solution for a long time but unfortunately most of the natural weight loss supplements don’t give the expected results. However, new studies have found an amazing weight loss solution, the Yacon Syrup. This powerful natural supplement is very promising and the studies have shown impressive results.

Impressive Yacon Syrup Results

Yacon is plant found in the Andes Mountains. The studies have found that Yacon Syrup can help achieving great weight loss results in a safe way. It is not even necessary to exercise or follow a strict diet in order to lose weight fast while using the Yacon Syrup.

Most of the popularity of the Yacon Syrup is due to Dr. Oz TV show where the product was featured not long ago. Dr. Oz himself conducted a study on the benefits of Yacon Syrup for weight loss. His study is called “The Yacon Project”. Dr. Oz’s research involved 60 adult women participants. The study was conducted over a 28 days period and the participants were asked to take one teaspoon of Yacon Syrup with every meal. They were also asked to not change their diet and exercise habits during the study. Forty women of the original sixty participants were able to complete the study.


The Yacon Project of Dr. Oz found some very interesting results:

  • 29 women of the total 40 participants who completed the project were able to lose weight.
  • Among all the participants the total weight loss was around 150 pounds.
  • The participants lost an average of 2.9 pounds
  • Around half of the participants could lose five or more pounds.
  • Participants also reduced their waistline by an average of 1.9 inches.
  • 27 women of the 40 participants who completed the Yacon Project declared that they would recommend Yacon Syrup.

The results of this study are very positive, as you can see, and they show that Yacon Syrup can help in losing weight fast, safe, and in a natural way.

The main active ingredients in the Yacon are insulin, prebiotics, and fructooligosacchardies, a type of natural sugar that can be found in plants. This particular type of sugar is able to bypass the digestive system, which is the reason why Yacon Syrup is so low in calories. Yacon Syrup can also help to regulate the bowel movements and fight constipation. This natural weight loss supplement controls food intake and gastric emptying rates. It acts as a natural appetite suppressant that moderates your food cravings and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

I have been using the Yacon Syrup for more than three months and I could notice a great improvement in my shape. I already lost 12 pounds and more than 2 inches from my waistline.

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