How To Make Time Work For Us Rather Than Against Us



How To Make Time Work For Us Rather Than Against Us

Have you ever had the sensation that you’re in a race against the time? That you’ve got a lot to accomplish but not enough time for you to get it done? It is a typical problem and the effects are usually overwhelming, giving us with feelings of weariness, frustration, resentment, and upset. How to get over the sense that time is the everlasting enemy?


Whether you’re trying to lose fat, get in shape, grow your business or spend more time with your loved ones, you only get 24 hours in a day to do that. So whatever you do you only have 24 hours to get it done and there’s no escaping it.

So how do you overcome this problem? the solution is to manage your time better and for that there’s a great lecture by Randy Pausch which I’d like to share with you.

That’s the first post on the blog so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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